October 14, 2019

AJE and Research Square Provide Educational Event for Peer Review Week 2019

In September 2019, AJE and Research Square jointly hosted an online event as part of

Peer Review Week, an annual event in scholarly publishing. Peer Review Week 2019’s theme focused on Quality in Peer Review across academia and research publication.

The webinar featured multiple panelists who presented on various topics related to Peer Review, including:

  • [Keynote Session] Danielle Padula, Community Development, Scholastica - “Accept with Revisions: The Evolving Peer Review Landscape”
  • Patrick Applegate, PhD, Team Manager, Research Square - “How to Write a Good Peer Review”
  • Roma Konecky, PhD, Editorial Quality Advisor, Research Square - “Reproducibility: Promoting Scientific Rigor and Transparency”
  • Damian Pattinson, PhD, VP, Content and Engagement, Research Square - “Preprints and Community Feedback: An Alternative to Traditional Peer Review”
"I think this year's Peer Review Week theme was such an important one. The process of peer review requires regular community review and revisions. I think the webinar was an opportunity to tackle core questions in peer review and to highlight some promising new developments,” said Danielle Padula of Scholastica.

Attendees had the opportunity to attend the event live via webcast or watch a recording. On the day of the event, more than 800 people from around the globe had registered to participate. The audience was highly engaged, asking many insightful questions throughout the presentation.

Reflecting on the event, Research Square’s Patrick Applegate said, “It was a pleasure to hear my fellow panelists' perspectives on the crucial topic of peer review, and I appreciated the questions we received from scientists all around the world.”

The recording and slides can be accessed here.

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