Careers at Research Square Company

The Application Process

We understand that job hunting can be stressful. Our intention is to provide you some transparency about our hiring process and help you succeed. 

Reviewing Your Application

At Research Square Company, human resources professionals review all of the applications. This process can take a little longer than typical bot screening, but you should expect to hear from us. We review your application to ensure your skills and experience are a match for the position. 

Phone Interview

If your application meets our requirements, you will hear from a member of the recruiting team to discuss the opportunity. We’ll set up a 15-30-minute phone call with you. 

Assessment and Virtual Interviews

The next step could include a take-home assessment followed by a few rounds of interviews based on the seniority of the position. Our goal is to give you a solid sense of what the job will be like. You'll meet with the hiring manager and other team members. We’re a remote-friendly organization and typically conduct the interviews virtually.

Job Offer

If the hiring team decides you're the best candidate for the position, we will contact you and send along a formal job offer letter. We also notify candidates who weren't selected as soon as we can.

We’re excited to meet you!

We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse workplace. We encourage you to learn more about us and join our team. Please check out our current job openings.

If you have any questions before your interview, please reach out to the hiring team.

Last Updated:
April 4, 2022