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We help you remove language barriers for faculty, research staff, and students through our digital and editorial support services

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We offer unlimited access to our services for one set price.

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Author Services

Author Services

We help remove language barriers for your faculty, staff, and students so that their work can be judged based on the merits of their science, not their English-language writing skills. Through one or a series of co-branded landing pages, we offer all of your staff and faculty discounts on your services of choice, including

  • English language editing
  • Academic translation (available for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese)
  • Manuscript formatting
  • Figures, tables, and custom illustrations
  • Journal recommendation
  • Grant application services

We also offer statistical reporting on service uptake, as well as publication outcome reports.

Digital Services

Digital Services

We offer unlimited use of our digital services for labs, universities, and research institutions through a co-branded login page. Staff, faculty, and students can run these papers through our digital tools as much as they require. Partners can subscribe to the following services annually, and they include co-branded landing pages and custom content.

  • Digital editing
  • Language assessment
  • Digital translation
Research Promotion Services

Research Promotion Services

We help make research coming out of your organization more visible to the broader research community and stakeholders through the following research promotion services, which can be made available to your institution via subscription or bulk discounts.

  • Video production services
  • Infographic production services
  • Written summary services


Our preprints allow your staff/faculty to protect and communicate their research as soon as possible. This service is free.

"After a strict bidding process, the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Beijing Normal University chose to partner with AJE because of their many years of editing experience as language editing services provider for BNU’s researchers. Throughout our partnership, AJE has always demonstrated highly professional and outstanding service quality and provided timely communication to researchers’ feedback and questions. Our researchers have published their papers in international journals after AJE’s editing, and shared Chinese scholars' research outcomes to the global research communities."

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Beijing Normal University

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VP, Marketing and sales

Neil Christensen

Neil Christensen

Director, Partnership Solutions

Lindsay Miller

Lindsay Miller

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Andy Sang

Andy Sang

Account Manager

Vivian Tang

Vivian Tang

Account Manager

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