May 26, 2022

More than 150,000 Preprints Now Posted on Research Square

Durham, NC, USA (May 26, 2022) -- Just nine months after reaching its 100,000 preprint milestone, Research Square now hosts more than 150,000 preprints.

The rapid growth of the Research Square preprint server is due in great part to its expansion of In Review: a journal-integrated service allowing researchers to post preprints of their manuscripts during article submission, supports journals across the Nature and BMC portfolios, as well as a host of other journals covering physics, engineering, plant and animal sciences, and more. 

Journal participation of Research Square’s In Review service expanded from fewer than 500 Springer Nature journals in February 2022 to more than 700 journals today

“Preprint posting continues to expand, and there are no signs that this trend will abate,” said Michele Avissar-Whiting, Editor in Chief of Research Square. “The expansion of In Review and other journal integrations among preprint servers is evidence that preprinting is slowly but surely becoming a natural stage in the publication process.” 

After a short screening process, authors submitting to participating In Review journals receive a digital object identifier (DOI), making their preprint immediately shareable and citable. Researchers and readers can also track editorial events through In Review as their papers advance through the journal’s peer review process. 

The rise in Research Square’s preprint submissions can also be attributed to the persistent/continuing use of preprinting among researchers.  

“More researchers across the life sciences, social sciences, and humanities are posting preprints to establish the primacy of their work, get cited earlier, and increase the visibility of their work,” said Gabriel Harp, Director of Product at Research Square Company. 

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