January 12, 2021

Research Square’s Full-text COVID-19 Preprints Now Indexed in Europe PMC

More than 4,500 Research Square preprints discoverable alongside peer-reviewed research

DURHAM, N.C., USA (January 12, 2020)--Research Square’s collection of more than 4,500 full-text COVID-19 preprints have been indexed in Europe PMC, an open-access repository of more than 1 million biomedical research works.

The overall effort, jointly supported by Wellcome, the UK Medical Research Council, and Swiss National Science Foundation, expands Europe PMC’s collection of more than 13,000 full-text COVID-19 preprinted research manuscripts in HTML format, and it allows the research community greater access to this COVID-19 research.

“COVID-19 has connected science and publishing in unprecedented ways, and the urgent need to share research immediately has fueled an important need for preprints,” said Michele Avissar-Whiting, Research Square Editor in Chief. “Europe PMC is doing an excellent job of fulfilling scientists’ needs through its full-text repository of preprinted COVID-19 research.” 

Since 2018, Europe PMC has indexed more than 200,000 preprints alongside its collection of peer-reviewed and journal-published articles. Similar to other articles in Europe PMC, these preprints are linked to data behind the paper, can be claimed to an ORCID, included in citation networks, and linked to comments or open peer reviews.

"Being able to access full-text preprints and peer-reviewed articles on COVID-19 in one place, and within the context of related life-sciences publications, will provide better support for research in this area", said Jo McEntyre, Associate Director of EMBL-EBI and Head of Literature Services.

About Research Square

Research Square, a division of Research Square Company, exists to make research communication faster, fairer, and more useful. Our industry-leading preprint platform, launched in 2018, is a  large, author-centric preprint server that brings transparency to the peer review process. Through our journal-integrated In Review service, innovative author dashboard, manuscript assessments, and research promotion services, we enable researchers to establish the primacy of their work, share it with the broader community, and receive useful feedback much earlier in the publication process. By improving the way science is shared, we accelerate the pace of global discovery and advancement. 

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About Europe PMC

Europe PMC provides comprehensive access to trusted sources of biomedical literature, all available in a single search, by indexing the metadata and abstracts of about 38 million journal published articles, reviews, preprints, micropublications, books, patents, and guidelines. Europe PMC supports the research community by developing tools for knowledge discovery, linking publications with underlying research data, and building infrastructure to support text and data mining. The Europe PMC goal is to create a supportive environment around open access content and data, to maximise its reuse.



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